Whoring =/= Grrl Pwr!!!!111

What I personally can't stand is when women who whore themselves in nothing but their underwear, tell the media they're doing it in the name of "sexual liberation" and gender equality. Now, I'm not one to try to use male behaviors to set the standard for equality between the sexes. In fact, I don't even think the aim for women should be gender equality in every instance.

But you don't see men needing to dress in anything provocative and emphasizing their respective sexual parts. You don't see them on television emphasizing their privates or always topless. Occasionally they are, but sex appeal is generally not necessary appeal of their selling point. I'm not saying men don't need to look attractive to sell, but they don't need to emphasize their bodies as sexual objects in order to be attractive to fans, or to even KEEP people's attention.

The point I'm making, is that men are more discreet with their bodies because they already have sexual empowerment, and their attitudes reflect that. They know they have the ability to use their bodies however they want. Of the men that DO show off their bodies, for most of them its usually occasional. This is because most pop celebs-- especially artists, try to branch out to both male and female audiences. Ironically, if a man shows off his body too frequently, he is branded a sex object and fan-service for females, and is not taken seriously by men.

 And this is why most attention "whores" in the media--- be it Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Rhianna, Katy Perry, or Nicki Minaj... are almost always female. Women need to adopt an "attitude", if empowerment is what they really want. Dressing sexy is not inherently liberating when it is a large focus of your selling point. It's one thing if a woman infrequently dresses sexy and still remains popular. Its another when that's what keeps fans focused. It sends the message that unless you submit to men's sexual fantasies, they don't HAVE to take you seriously. And that implies that you DON'T have the ability to choose how your body is treated.
 I think this whole sexual flaunting = grrl power is silly. It's falsehood used to hook the female consumers by making them THINK they're actually being "empowered", whilst tapping into male libido to make someone sell.

Another point I want to add before I go:

Women shouldn't be sex objects, but not because men aren't sex objects. Rather, because it's in the woman's best interest not to behave that way. Women adopting attitudes that they're ALREADY sexually empowered is beneficial to them because it sends the message that women don't have to be sexy to sell, and sex is not the only thing people need to consider about a woman in order for her to gain and keep fans.

Looking for sewing ....
Maryland is the WORST when it comes to looking for a fashion degree program. So I decided I'd just settle for learning to professionally sew on my own and branch my own business. I found quite a few teachers who are willing to train personally. I was sick of calling up numerous G-street fabrics and finding out that they "don't actually have classes" even though testimonials claim they do. If you are in the same boat I am, please go to betterfly.com and see if they have a teacher in your area. I'm going to see if there are more practical options, but I think this teacher is 5 miles from home...which is wonderful because it saves me time commuting. I could probably get there rather easily by bus! That's the beauty of betterfly, you can filter out what kinds of teachers you want based on proximity. I'm still a little nervous. I'm not sure if everything will work out, but I'm praying it will. Everything has been so hard, and I've been looking for the past year. It is amazing that there are barely any colleges in my state that give the degrees unless you drive all the way to Baltimore...which....I don't want to do. Too much of a hassle getting there and getting lost.


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